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From the age of 2 to the age of 18 Glen lived in Libya with his father Ron, his mother Joan and his brother Rikki. Together they made their home in Tripoli. However, in 1969 Libya’s then-leader King Idris was ousted in a bloodless coup by the then-Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. At the time Glen and his family were evacuated to Malta. They returned to Libya – but this time not to Tripoli, but to Marsa al Brega in the east of the country. Glen and his family were then evacuated once again from Libya for the 2nd and last time in 1981 when American planes shot down two Libyan planes in what became known as the Gulf of Sidra incident.

From Libya Glen’s family moved to Malaysia and Glen went to college in the United States to study journalism and the media. By his own admission, Glen learned very little about the news business. As a result, he found it difficult to obtain a job in newspapers in the UK.

Having knocked on dozens of newspapers’ doors in London and the Home Counties of Great Britain, Glen finally resigned himself to the fact that he would have to put his dreams of being a journalist on hold. Instead he went into Public Relations. He worked at Anthony Edwards Publicity on PR campaigns with various British celebrities from Frank Bruno to Tom O’Connor and Ernie Wise.

To maintain his passion for the news business, Glen also worked as a newsroom assistant at County Sound Radio in Woking – often getting up at 4 am in the morning to work at the station before going to his regular PR job. It was the radio experience that helped Glen earn a place on one of the UK’s highly competitive NCTBJ (National Council for the Training of Broadcast Journalists) courses. He graduated from Highbury College of Technology, freelanced for various radio stations and was then offered a job by international television news agency Visnews.

In 1993, aged 30, Glen joined Visnews just before it was acquired by the world’s biggest news agency Reuters. As producer-editor with Reuters Television, Glen covered wars in Bosnia, Kosovo and Africa. He covered the collapse of pyramid schemes in Albania and regularly visited the annual World Economic Forum in Davos.

On June 28th 1995 Glen was blown up in a TV building in Sarajevo. His colleagues were injured and a Bosnian guard standing at the entrance was killed. And although Glen had previously come under fire from snipers in the days and months previous, it was his first ‘close call’ in a war zone.

In 1997 Glen and Djoni, the Croatian cameraman he was working with, were set upon by Albanian secret police while waiting outside the country’s parliament in Tirana. In 1999 Glen had to rescue his friend and colleague Ukrainian cameraman Taras from an angry Serb mob in the Kosovar capital Pristina. (Taras was later killed in a friendly fire incident in Baghdad in 2003).

Glen finally left Reuters TV at the end of 2000 after the deaths of his good friends Kurt Schork and Miguel Gil Moreno at the hands of rebels in Sierra Leone in May that year. Glen had arrived in the Sierra Leone capital Freetown just 24 hours before the tragic incident occurred. He helped deal with the aftermath and attended his friends’ funerals, and although his friends’ deaths were not the reason for Glen leaving Reuters, in looking back he now feels that the Sierra Leone tragedy did contribute to his decision to take a break from the agency news business.

After Reuters Glen somehow found himself in Cambodia where he was invited to set up TV channels for some of the country’s wealthiest tycoons. His adventures in Cambodia have formed the basis for his first work of fiction entitled FROM PHNOM PENH WITH LOVE.

Glen is currently working on a memoir about his news agency days.
Glen is married to his Thai wife Deer and now calls South East Asia home.

Featured Book

A fun-filled journey into the heart of Cambodian society and the Khmer culture.

AT WORK – Glen at CTN TV studio in Phnom Penh.

AT HOME – Glen at Home in Hua Hin.

AT PLAY – Glen on holiday with his wife Deer in Italy.


Featured Review – A great read and a fantastic insight into the workings of Cambodian society. Grab this book if you are travelling to – or even thinking of travelling to – Cambodia, and indeed South East Asia.

– Joe Bloggs

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