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By Glen Felgate


Adventure Novel

Doing battle with karaoke-crazed generals, egotistical celebrities, hard-headed tycoons and matronly housekeepers is all in a day’s work for ex-journalist Fin, as he manages – against the odds – to launch Cambodia’s Number 1 radio station. In the process he gradually falls in love – not with a lady, not with a person – but with a country.

In his first novel, inspired by his vivid experiences of running TV channels in a country beset by chaos, author Glen Felgate leads his readers on a bizarre journey into the heart of Cambodia, its society and its exotic Khmer culture.

Audiobook – Coming Soon

From Phnom Penh With Love

by Glen Felgate (Written and Voiced)

In the Works…

As the Crow Cries – Confessions of a Myanmar Media Executive

Due Out mid-2020

With his time in Cambodia at an end, ex-journalist Fin heads to Myanmar to set up a 24-hour news channel.

As the country rapidly opens up, Fin befriends a former diplomat who keeps the troublesome foreigner out of jail while navigating Mynmar’s quirky customs.

When he is not running the gauntlet with the authorities, Fin deals with the channel’s whimsical owners as well as thwarting other attempts to sabotage his plans to get the channel on air.

In his second novel, inspired by his real-life experiences of setting up a 24-hour news channel in Myanmar, author Glen Felgate plunges into the heart of one of the world’s least understood countries.


In the Future…

To A Place In the Sun

Due Out 2021

‘TO A PLACE IN THE SUN’ is a behind-the-scenes look at the ‘journey’ of an unknown television news agency journalist – from the moment he ‘cuts his television teeth’, unwittingly filming Saddam’s Hussein’s son Uday watching a football match in Iraq to the moment he identifies the bodies of friends killed in an ambush by child-soldiers in Sierra Leone.